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Back from the USA

I have just returned home from having a week away near the city of Fort Worth, Texas spending the majority of my time on a landfill site learning as much as I could about the Carlson Landfill Grade system. The IESI Turkey Creek Municipal Solid Waste disposal facility is located south west of Fort Worth […]

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A note from the USA (almost)

As you will note from a previous entry Nigel has been in the States all week training on Landfill Grade, learning how the package can be a key component in successful landfill management. Due to “technical possibilities” (as a friend of ours would say), he has not been able to make blog entries from the […]

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A day not too long ago!

1 day, sub zero temperatures, 150 miles, a drill and 3 DigPilot installs This describes a day that Nigel and I had in Norway training on DigPilot. Under normal circumstances the customers for the aforementioned systems would have undertaken the installations themselves but hey, Nigel and I needed to see how it was done. In […]

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Welcome to Ongrade

Welcome to the first OnGrade news article, Ongrade was founded by Nigel Adams and Gary Escott with the goal of bringing innovation to the world of positioning & machine control. These solutions impact construction plant use in the UK and European markets. Initially the company will focus its efforts on two main products, DigPilot (www.digpilot.com) […]

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