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A day not too long ago!

1 day, sub zero temperatures, 150 miles, a drill and 3 DigPilot installs

This describes a day that Nigel and I had in Norway training on DigPilot. Under normal circumstances the customers for the aforementioned systems would have undertaken the installations themselves but hey, Nigel and I needed to see how it was done. In my experience if somebody had told me that we were going to complete three 2D excavator machine control (dig depth monitoring) installs in less than a working day with a couple of hours of driving in between I would have been more than a little sceptical but there is nothing like doing it for yourself and yes we did it. Not only did we do it we walked away with 3 very happy customers and had time to stop off for some award winning cake! Watch out for the video of the installs coming soon…DigPilot really is machine control for everyone

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