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Back from the USA

I have just returned home from having a week away near the city of Fort Worth, Texas spending the majority of my time on a landfill site learning as much as I could about the Carlson Landfill Grade system. The IESI Turkey Creek Municipal Solid Waste disposal facility is located south west of Fort Worth and covers an area of 213 acres of which 150.7 acres are permitted to accept waste. According to Tim Sues, Landfill Manager, the site accepts an average of 1000 t / day of waste and will be operational for another 25 years. Employing the Carlson Landfill Grade system will enable improved management of the landfill cell compaction process improving operational efficiency and increasing the availability of the most valuable commodity – airspace.

Having had the opportunity to assist in the installation of the Landfill Grade system and witness the Command and Control process in a live environment I can say with certainty that this technology is a major benefit to landfill site and waste management. My thanks to Carlson SW, GeoShack and of course Tim Sues for allowing me on site and being able to take part in this installation and training program. A more detailed report will be appearing soon in the news section of the OnGrade website.

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