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Welcome to Ongrade

Welcome to the first OnGrade news article, Ongrade was founded by Nigel Adams and Gary Escott with the goal of bringing innovation to the world of positioning & machine control. These solutions impact construction plant use in the UK and European markets. Initially the company will focus its efforts on two main products, DigPilot (www.digpilot.com) a highly innovative machine control product for excavators of all size including minis and backhoes and Landfill Grade a product developed by Carlson Software (www.carlsonsw.com) of North America. As a leading provider of civil engineering software and machine control solutions Carlson have developed a product that can dramatically improve the management of a landfill sites most precious commodity, air. Both of these products bring something new to the market and give users a significant opportunity to improve their productivity in their respective applications.

One phrase that our customers and prospective customers will see a lot is “This is machine control for everyone”, some may ask “What does that mean?” Simply put it means that the products that OnGrade has chosen to include in its range, offer easy accessibility to machine control technology, a technology that has the potential to revolutionise the use of construction plant in the civil engineering industry making a wide range of operations from earthworks and grading to landfill compaction more efficient, profitable and safe. Easy accessibility comes in a number of ways, ease of use for example or purchase cost, cost of ownership or in the case of DigPilot even the ability not to own the equipment at all.

One certainty is that if we can achieve our goals machine control will take its place as a technological milestone within the development of the construction industry, because those that can be benefit from the use of machine control should.

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