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A brief review

We have just finished a meeting with one of our advisors (who ever said surround yourself with the best advice you can get was correct). You do sometimes question the value of some of these meetings and whether or not you actually can afford the time for them. Well it was valuable and it was worth every minute of the time we spent on it. The meeting itself was a real opportunity for us to reflect on what has happened in the short few weeks since we launched ourselves upon the world, and it was surprising how much has been achieved in that time, probably driven by the fact there is a lot do anyway!

I won’t bore you with the background stuff here but two things really stuck out in my mind when we discussed our progress. The first of these was the good wishes that we have received from colleagues within the industry from as far away as Australia and California and the many places in between. Some have just sent messages of good will others have offered more practical advice and in some cases material help. I think what much of this reflects is the fact that we operate in a sector which is part of a huge US$1tn industry, but so far has failed to achieve the success it ought to have and needs as much drive, enthusiasm and commitment that it can get to reach its true potential. Therefore many of these messages have welcomed the retention of expertise within the sector and the different approach to the market that OnGrade has adopted.

The second thing that has really stuck out is the positive reception from potential customers, some are people who would never have considered the use of machine control because they couldn’t see how it fit with them or their business, but are now reconsidering their position because through the different approach OnGrade are pursuing they are seeing the relevance of the technology, something which we hope the industry as a whole will benefit from.

One last thing – the marketing machine is on the move so watch out for our ad in Earthmovers this month.



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