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An interesting question!

I have been thinking about the training Nigel and I had in Norway on DigPilot, what was perhaps more surprising than completing the three installations in less than a full working day was the fact we actually had three installations to do, excavator machine control installations in the UK remain somewhat of a rarity when compared to the total machine population. The difference in the uptake of machine control products between the UK and Scandinavia was only underpinned when we visited a commercial property development, on this single (relatively small) development ten of the twelve excavators on the site had machine control fitted, compare that to a very major road development I am aware of in the UK where only one of the many machines has any sort of machine control and you to wonder why? It is easy for sales people to wax lyrical about the benefits of machine control but what contractors and plant hirers in this country should be asking themselves is what do their Scandinavian counterparts see in the technology that they on the whole do not!

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