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Quote of the week

Following our excellent week I thought I would add my favourite customer quote of the week  “If it wasn’t for DigPilot I wouldn’t have considered machine control”, that particular customer is now reaping the benefits of having machine control. We will be giving somemore details of particularly interesting customers or project in the news section […]

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The problem with bank holidays

The productive and pleasant end to last week was followed by an excellent week this week, the only problem is having built up a huge amount of momentum we suddenly arrive at a bank holiday weekend. It is amazing how that extra day  knocks you out of your stride. Let’s not complain too much though, things […]

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A day at the beach!

Some days are just good days, and Friday last week was one of them. A DigPilot customer (one of the early adopters in the UK) had asked us to go and do an onsite install for him, the machine as it happened was working on the beach. The install start to finish took us less […]

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Landfill Grade US dealers

We would just like to take the opportunity to congratulate Carlson Software on the continued expansion of their Landfill Grade distribution network in US, whilst we are still in the early days of setting up European distribution of the product we hope to replicate the success that Carlson have achieved. Click the link below to see […]

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Bauma – Not quite getting there!

Unfortunately like many others we will be unable to attend the Bauma Trade Show due to the travel chaos caused by the volcanic activity in Iceland, whilst this a unfortunate for a number of reasons there a some positives, not least of them being my Busy, busy, busy post of the other day. Not being […]

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Busy, busy, busy!

Those of you that follow our blog regularly will have noticed that updates have been slightly less frequent than normal, this is simply because we have been a little busy of late. As we stated in a previous post ScotPlant was a good show for us and that combined with the general levels of interest […]

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The Greatest Show On Earth?

Not quite perhaps, but the biggest show in the construction industry, Bauma will have opened its doors to the world a fortnight today. Many are hoping it will give the industry the boost it needs, we will see. One thing is for certain is that you will be able to see OnGrade at the show, in […]

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