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New Product Launches at Hillhead – Visit Us Stand P92

OnGrade Ltd will be exhibiting for the first time at the Hillhead 2010 show. Although still a young company, OnGrade Ltd has already seen much success in bringing innovative machine control products to the UK market. Hillhead 2010 will see the introduction of a new range of payload management products.

Dynamic Wireless On Board Weighing for Material Handlers

The Intermercato XW Range of wireless dynamic on board weighing systems for material handlers. The weighing systems are available for a range of applications including cargo cranes, forest cranes, port cranes and material handlers and are type approved for legal trade. OnGrade will be focussing their efforts on applications such as material handling in the initial stages of the product’s introduction.

Dynamic weighing

The Intermercato XW range is a revolution in dynamic weighing, thanks to an integrated motion controller, specially designed high resolution load cell and application specific software, the XW range sets a new standard in onboard  weighing for material handlers with outstanding accuracy and quick operational cycle time.

System Types

The XW weighing systems are available as non-automatic scales for static weighing (OIML R76, 1000 divisions) and as automatic scales for dynamic weighing (OIML r51, class y(b) 500 divisions)

A Full Range

The XW range is available for a range of machine types with a maximum weighing range of 20,000 KGS. The systems are available with a number of onboard and remote display and computer options.  Payload data can be extracted from the system in a number of ways including printer and via GPRS modems.

DigPilot 3D

OnGrade’s DigPilot wireless excavator system has already had a significant impact since its introduction into the UK at the start of 2010. The success and adoption this product has already achieved can only be compounded when the 3D version of the product is introduced at Hillhead. The 2D variant of the product offers all the benefits of good machine control systems when used in operations such as grading, trenching and levelling. These include :

• Faster job completion

• Lower fuel costs

• Improved safety

• Reduced labour costs

• Reduced checking

• Less material waste

The unique feature of DigPilot is that its wireless technology allows the system to be moved from machine to machine in a few minutes and it doesn’t suffer from the problems seen by the more traditional wired systems.

The arrival of DigPilot 3D brings additional benefits including :

• Stakeless grading

• Documented work

• No referencing

• No need for lasers

One of the more innovative features of DigPilot 3D is the ability to design projects from the comfort of the cab without the need for additional survey or design support.

And Still More

The other two product lines on show will be Landfill Grade which can dramatically improve the efficiency and potentially the life span of solid waste Landfill Sites and finally the VEI range of payload management systems available for a range of plant including excavators and dump trucks.

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