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Happy to help

The Ongrade website has been a great success since we launched with many thousands of visits. What is very pleasing is that we have so many repeat visitors, clearly the information we are providing is proving very useful to those finding their feet in machine control technology and wishing to learn more. Two of the most startling stats that we would like to share are :
1 From one repeat visitor we have had 152 visits since we launched, that’s well over one visit per working day. Let’s hope their interest in OnGrade isn’t affecting productivity otherwise their IT department might block us !!
2  We also have one particular town where we are a huge hit, clearly we have a shy potential customer as they are yet to pick up the phone.
Those repeat visitors still looking to expand their knowledge of machine control should of course feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help with any issues they are unsure about …

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