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New Plant Show for 2013

The demise of SED as the UK main plant show was a sad moment especially for companies like OnGrade who actually have a lot to say to the market, the truth of the matter however was that SED was no longer delivering what exhibitors wanted. The most common reason I hear site amongst colleagues in the industry for the failure of SED was the move from the Milton Keynes to Rockingham, this maybe the case but in any case SED is no more.

The phoenix rising out of SEDs flames is Plant Worx, great news indeed. What is even better is that it is being run by the CEA, for those of you that don’t know the CEA is the Construction Equipment Association which represents manufacturers and suppliers to the CE sector. Having been involved with the CEA as a member and sitting on one of their committees for a while I have every reason that Plant Worx will be a great event.

Personally we can’t wait. We’ll keep you informed of what we here but for now brief information can be found http://www.coneq.org.uk/Gen_news/28jan11/hot.htm#1

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