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The OnGarde Rapid
Deployment CCTV tower is a cost
effective security solution for your site

The theft of plant, fuel and equipment cost the
UK construction industry around £800m, CCTV
can be an effective part of the solution.


OnGarde Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower

Counting the Cost

Theft and vandalism is a major problem for many industries. Within construction the incidence of theft and vandalism not only impacts direct costs due to loss and damage to equipment and other assest but also has a significant affect of interuption to work or in extreme cases the halting of site operations. It is estimated theft and vandalism on construction sites costs over £1m per day

Site Security – Your Options

There are plenty of options available to those concerned about theft and vandalism including manned security, which can be either permanently based on site or a patrolling service or there is the option of fixed electronic solutions including CCTV and other types of detection. While these options are all readily available in they can be expensive and lack flexibility.

An Alternative Approach

The OnGarde Rapid Deployment CCTV offers a cost effective affordable solution to the problem of site security

Video Content Analysis Rapid accurate detection, reduce false alarms
Fast & Easy Fully operational within 1 -2 hours
Plug & Play Place it, connect it and your site is protected
Robust & Secure The OnGarde tower comes in a easy transport format but in an extremely robust vandal proof housing
24/7 Using an approved monitoring station, via PC or smart phone

Plug it, Connect it, Secure your site