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DigPilot – the freedom to dig anywhere

DigPilot is a cost effective way of benefiting from machine control, whether you are a contractor, a plant hirer or even a tool hire company.

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DigPilot is the leader of it class offering:

A true entry level system with a structured upgrade path thru 1D, 2D and 3D applications – e.g. software upgrade and additional sensors only – no major system changes
Real time operation – no “jerky” displays
Easy portability from one machine to another – maximise the investment
User installation and calibration – remove need for specialist installation
Ease of use and maintenance – low service costs
Land based civil construction applications

All achieved by the implementation of:

Simple to use graphical touchscreen interface
Powerful computer allowing for easy upgrades through 1D, 2D, 3D applications
Accurate portable sensors
Long range rugged wireless technology
Multiple machine and bucket utilisation
Quick User installation and calibration
Low maintenance

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