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If we are to successfully
employ a sustainable waste strategy then the landfill capacity we have, must be used wisely.

Landfill Grade


The amount of waste that is being sent to Solid Waste Landfills’ in Europe and the UK has been reduced thanks to initiatives such as recycling and legislation such as the Landfill Directive, however Landfill still remains the most common method of disposing of waste; it is often the most economically viable. Landfill is a practice that can be traced as far back as the Roman’s and with over 22 million tonnes of waste being sent to landfill in the UK alone landfill is here to stay.

In the UK alone there are almost a 1,000 active sites covering an area of over 100 square miles, this may sound like a lot but Landfill capacity is running out some regions in the UK could run out of Landfill capacity in the next 5-7 years and DEFRA suggest England’s landfill sites could run out of capacity by 2020.

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