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Payload Management

The Helpher 21 and XW Displays from OnGrade’s Payload Management Range



Payload Management.

Good payload management practices and accurate onboard weighing systems are now an integral part of profitable material handling operations in industries such as scrap handling, quarrying, waste recycling and timber transport. OnGrade’s payload management range offers unique products for specialist applications

Why good payload management is important.

The benefits of payload management will vary from application to application but without doubt the most important factor in using onboard weighing systems is that right first time loading is achieved

Benefits of right first time loading:

Optimised loading cycles
Reduced need for trips between loading point and weighbridge
Improve safety – less on site vehicle movements
Overloading can be prevented
Reduced wear and tear on plant & machine
Reduce the risk of road traffic infringements for loaded road bound vehicles

Additional benefits of onboard weighing:

Monitor the productivity of loading vehicles such as wheeled loaders, excavators and material handlers
The ability to accurately monitor stock and product movements
Reduced need and reliance on weighbridges

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